Clicked by Bala Santhosh Majji

Clicked by Bala Santhosh Majji

Storytelling gives me joy. I’ve been involved with the process of storytelling one way or the other from my age 5. It was fun to be on stage and performing in dramas, variety shows. But later, I realized that stories create an impact on the audience and they do influence in some way. That is when I decided that I should be telling stories my entire life. I want to tell stories that are unique and show light in the dark. Storytelling has been a part of life, so far and I want it to be a part of me forever.

My storytelling experience stretches from theatre to cinema to VR. I wrote, directed, acted during the later part of my drama and theatre life. I was interested in filmmaking when I was introduced to editing by a friend of mine, from then I did not stop learning the techniques and style to tell a story in cinema. Now I edit, color, write and direct films to tell my stories in my own style. I find it amusing when I can create my own universe and create characters that I love or hate to bring out stories that mean something to me.

When I started to learn more about filmmaking, I decided to explore outside the box. This is when I decided to join SCAD. I developed a lot here in school where I pursue MFA in Film and TV. After SCAD, I was working as a Dailies Operator in Company3 (Atlanta), where I got to work on films and Television shows. You can find my name on Netflix’s Feartstreet (All three movies). After my visa expired, I had to leave the country and Covid struck making me set up a temporary base in my hometown Chennai, India.

Now I have decided to get back into filmmaking as a writer/director and am ready to step into the professional world of storytelling with a mindset to tell beautiful stories that showcase the values of humanity. Currently, I finished my experimental short “Legs” and am busy submitting it to the festival circuit.